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Interesting Tid Bits of Information

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This blog is dedicated to any interesting tidbits of information of any kind. 

A.  Contracts

Are you starting a partnership or business with anyone? 

A good contract from the very beginning can go along way.

Here's a couple of good blunders:

1.  MICROSOFT:  The microsoft operating system sold for a flat fee of $200. to Microsoft's program director. 

2.  FACEBOOK:  Mark mislead the Twins into believing that he was working on a school project for them, basically lied about it afterwards, and then practically admitted it.  

They were all University Students at one of the world's most prestigious business schools in the world and didn't have a contract. (please correct me if I'm wrong about that). 


3.  Literary and Production Contracts:

A nice contract between a producer and author for a screenplay is 3 to 5 % of the production budget and a royalty if it nets lots of money.   Or a lump sum sale.  It usually depends on the popularity of the author, the production budgets, and other factors. 

A nice contract between a publisher and author is a least 50% of all publication profits, split between the two.  Often a publisher will give an author a lousy contract like 1 or 2%, what motive is that for the author to 'market' said story?  Also if the publisher wants to give the author a lousy contract like that then they have to expect the author to want to buy back the rights to said story before it is turned into a movie.  

The practice of 'eliminating' writers who contribute to a story is something only a real shyster would do.  If a writer or illustrator contributes to a story then they should be credited according to their contribution to said story.  Producers often just waste writer's time, use their outline, give it to someone else who basically rewrites all their hard work and then gets credit for it. 

 Basically if certain publishers or producers can figure out a way they can screw the author, then they will so be careful what you sign.  

The entire industry is not like that, there are lots of good, fair people in the business, but I'm just saying, read your contract carefully. 

The information in this #3 section was obtained from my own personal experience in the literary/production field. 

B. Green Energy

Decades ago someone invented an electric car that worked so well, the fossil fuel lobbyists had them all crushed in the desert. 

Solar was installed on the White House and it worked so well that they removed it.  

C. Interesting Quotes, Sayings or Expressions:

Gossip is a poison and like a pack of wolves, they devoured each other. 

This was written by a ten year old child: 'words are knives - things that can be driven into your body deep into your soul.'  So choose your words wisely, eager to never offend. Some people love drama like other's love oxygen, don't give it to them...simply walk away. 


D.  Corrupt Governments and Social Services:

  Did you know that the same countries that do not have adequate social services are typically the same countries that have high levels of rebel or terrorist organizations?

   Rebel or terrorist groups usually grow in countries, who for decades, have had government policies that favor the rich and do nothing for the poor. 

   There are way too many corrupt governments on this planet that are not looking after ALL of their people.  It is the government's responsibility to make sure that all of their people have adequate food, clean water, shelter, medical, educational, what ever; basically the essential elements for survival. 

   Do governments really have better things to spend their money on then making sure that all of their people are looked after? 


E. The continued use of libraries in a technological society. 

Libraries play a pivotal role in the foundation of knowledge.

We are the civilized society that we are because of our libraries and the sharing and passing down of the written word, history, and research.

In the event of a wide spread natural disaster, these facilities often play a valuable role as emergency command centers.

Can your children write by pen/pencil if the grid goes down for long periods of time?  Or are they too technologically wired that they don't know how?  Because some school boards actually allow the kids to be 100% technological with their works and can't write with a pen/pencil.  

Libraries are often also community centers that offer valuable programs, besides just books, that encourage mental and physical development.

Too often, during times of debt reduction, these valuable services end up on the budget chopping blocks, and usually at a time when we need them the most.  

The increase in government salaries, across the board, at all three governmental levels, over the last three decades, has all resulted in a decrease in services as their wage increases come from their operating budgets.

These programs, and other recreational and leisure services, can distract from crime. Communities with strong recreation/leisure programs are also know to have lower crime rates.

The Harper government has cancelled a lot of youth and other valuable programs in favour of increased prison programs.

Don't let them cut your community library to pay for their high salaries.


F.  Curing Cancer with Cannabis Oil


G.  Hasting's County and Province of Ontario's Screwed up Land Planning Act and Authorities unwillingness to change it. 

Beware if you purchase property in Hasting's County.  I'm not sure if this is a problem across Ontario but it is in Hasting's County.

Back in the 1970s the province changed the land planning act at the provincial level but did not make the changes at the municipal level.  Meaning that any lot that was severed before 1970 from a larger lot was no longer considered severed under the new planning act.

Several people in Hasting's County have basically gotten screwed over and lost lots because of this.  When they put one lot up for sale, the lawyers included all the lots that had already been severed into the purchase agreement. So not realizing what was going on because they trusted that their lawyers had the information correct, the vendor accidentally sold all their lots instead of just the one that they had intended to sell despite the fact that they were receiving tax bills and property assessments for all of their individual lots.

The County, Ontario's Attorney General, the Lawyers involved, and the Ministry of Housing and Land Planning all refuse to deal with this issue.  They just refer one to the other and the victim is basically put onto a gerbil wheel and ends up right back where they started, with them screwing them over and nothing changes.  This is a typical Ontario Government response to most things,  you will go through a hoop de loop of bureaucracy, end up right back where you started because no one in the Government will take the incentive to fix things, they just pass it on to someone else.

So just beware if you purchase or sell vacant property in Hasting's County, no one will fix their errors and you could get screwed.


Do you have an interesting tidbit of info, famous quote or blunder you would like to share? 

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